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Engagement Photoshoot { Crystal & Darcy, Nose Hill Park, Calgary Alberta }

The story of the location chosen for Crystal & Darcy’s engagement photos is pretty adorable!

I asked Crystal a couple of weeks in advance if there was a spot that was particularly special to the two of them that we could shoot at. She immediately thought of Penticton, BC – their favorite vacation spot, and also the place where Darcy proposed!

Unfortunately, this was a little bit out of the way! On the morning of the photoshoot, I headed out with my dog and scouted out a few different parks, eventually settling on Nose Hill Park, near the 14th Street entrance. As the three of us drove there just before sunset, Crystal blurted out, “Ohmygosh! I think the spot we’re going to is where Darcy took me for our very first date!”

Sure enough, it was! Crystal was new to the city at the time, and Darcy had taken her to the top of Nose Hill so that they could overlook the city skyline. Without even purposely planning for it it, we had ended up shooting their engagement photos at the exact location of their first date.

I hope you enjoy these photos of this gorgeous couple! Their beautiful baby Autumn (fitting name, right?) makes a brief appearance as well : )

         8910 1112  13  1516 17

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