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Maternity Photoshoot { Aly & Trent, Calgary, Alberta }

It’s time to catch up on blog posts around here! And I thought, what better a post to start with than Aly & Trent’s gorgeous maternity session last spring. Can’t believe their beautiful little girl Tenley is almost one years old already!

Our maternity session took place at Fish Creek Park and we had the most gorgeous end-of-day light.





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Maternity Photoshoot { Misty + baby, Fish Creek Park, Calgary Alberta }

Misty is one gorgeous, glowing, stunningly beautiful mama-to-be! She’s gorgeous to begin with,  but pregnancy looks incredibly good on her. And that big baby bump on her petite little body? ADORABLE!

We ventured out to one of my favorite fields to photograph in as the sun began to dip behind the horizon. This day, though gorgeous and warm for Calgary in March, was INCREDIBLY windy. At least a 50km/h constant wind, with gusts of up to 90km/h. Misty was such a trooper – she put on the super long chiffon maternity gown and flower crown I put together for her session and didn’t complain once, even when the wind was whipping her around, or when I had to keep stopping to run over and fix her hair, fix her dress, etc.

Thanks so much to this beautiful mama for your patience and constant positive spirit – the outcome was worth it, and you look amazing!

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